Krazy Katsu and Udon


To make your meal fresh and tasty, we pound out the meat and cook to order. You will get the best quality food within 10 min!
You can also check out our open kitchen which shows the sanitary process to turn fresh and high-quality ingredients into a mouthwatering meal. 

We  Cook When We Get Order


We are Proud of Our Dishes

Krazy Katsu & Udon serves great quality food to all customers. Our katsu is one of a kind and created using only the finest ingredients: homemade bread crumbs, sauce, and curry.

We are proud of the delicious dishes we create.  We use the best and fresh meats for katsu. Our special curry recipe (the key ingredient is caramelized onion.) he caramelized onion adds a lovely rich vibrant shade.



Veteran Makes the Best

Krazy Katsu and Udon restaurant is owned by a  veteran and is eager to provide good quality at a reasonable price. So we thrive on providing our community, family, and friends with authentic Korean dishes that can only be found at our restaurant.


You are More than Welcome

 Located in Houston, TX, the food we make daily is always fresh, hot, and ready to eat whether you chose to have it to go or to dine in. The food we serve here is one of a kind that you won't find in any other Korean restaurant. You can dine in at our restaurant, where we have an open kitchen for all customers to experience and see how their food is being made on a daily basis.
Please, don't hestiate to give us a call at Krazy Katsu & Udon for more information, or come on in and get your fresh kastu today!